Thrills, Padlocks and Puzzles – The Escape Room Film

So you’ve watched the new ‘Escape room’ film 2019 and you’re longing for the same thrill. Well instead of going back to the cinema, why not try an escape room experience near you! Nothing beats the pure adrenaline rush as you, and your friends, are put to the test against the clock to solve different puzzles and escape the room.

There are many different styles of puzzles that make up a room escape: padlocks (with keys hidden behind clues), magnets and electronic systems.

These all contribute to creating a variety of room difficulties, which vary from 100% completion, that focus on the experience, all the way down to 10%-5%, that feature fiendishly difficult puzzles/clues that challenge even the most seasoned escape room experts.

Luckily, unlike the ‘Escape Room’ film 2019, you don’t have to worry about actually being locked in. There are always emergency exits and friendly staff available at hand to ensure your safety and to help you immerse yourself in the thrill of the escape.

With a great variety of themes available, there are escape room experiences that attract everyone. These include: horror escape rooms, zombie escape rooms, adventure escape rooms, sci-fi escape rooms and mystery escape rooms. All of these provide exciting and fresh takes on such an amazing time out, with friends and family.

So unlike Zoey Davis (played by Taylor Russell), you don’t have to worry about dying when locked in your nearest escape room experience; you just have to worry about beating your other group of friends’ times!

If you are looking for an escape room experience near Dunstable, then come book your next trip at Locked Escapes!

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