Team-Building Activity

Escape Games – The Ultimate Team-Building Activity?

So your boss says that your office needs to take part in some team building activities, but you’ve had enough of treasure hunts for chocolate and trust fall exercises. The nearest escape room experience is the answer for you!

Escape the room experiences aren’t just for the friends and family, they are also great for socially and professionally developing relationships between your peers. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. You get to find out who works well under pressure. When the clock is ticking away and you have to scour a dimly lit room for the last padlock or code, you and your colleagues will find out who will keep their cool in stressful situations.
  2. You discover valuable team dynamics. Almost all escape room experiences are a collaborative effort, whether it’s reading out clues whilst searching for hidden items or solving a puzzle whilst working out the next step to finally escaping the room, working together in a clear and concise fashion is vital to success. So after escaping, you will now know the best combinations of people to work as a team in your office.

So the next time you complete a zombie room escape or mystery escape room experience with your workmates, your boss may end up thanking you!

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